Script Research

With regards to my script and the issues of Brexit involved. I decided to attend the London protest of wanting to stay in the EU, despite the choice to leave due to Brexit. It is here, that I incorporated the idea of trying to make a better future, despite the issues presented by Brexit in my script. Below are some pictures I took of the protest: Date: 25th March 2017





Script audience

Following the final submission of my script. I believe my script has met my target audience of 18-26 male and female, multi ethnic group. Through the approach of themes such as Brexit, love and community within my script Distopia. I have paid close attention to multiple faiths and social class within the exploration of politics, society and the average person’s life throughout the duration of my script. In order to appeal to my audience, I decided to pick topics that are current and important in the future of my audience at this time, whilst merging sci fi elements of time travel, to add themes of fantasy throughout my script.

Characters 2

Damian is the former prime minister. He resigns after being threatened by Nigel and Mr Chesed.

Positives: Leader, kind and handsome.
Negatives: Coward.

Caius Cambridge is a member of Anonymous and close friend of Talbot Darnell. He is a retired hitman and is framed for the death of Talbot.

Positives: Leader, kind.
Negatives: Mysterious.

Declan Lott is an inspector for the Acton Police Department. He investigates the death of Talbot Darnell.

Positives: Loyal, trustworthy.
Negatives: Aggressive.

Chevez is a member of Anonymous, he is a retired military mechanic.

Positive: Resourceful, intelligent.
Negatives: Sarcastic, always plays the victim.

Hyde Park

Having decided to locate Emma’s house in Acton. Whilst addressing edits within my script, I decided to visit the location on the 24th in order to gather location research. However I don’t have photos due to technical malfunctions. It is here, that I decided to incorporate Hyde Park within my script to address the death of Talbot, as I wanted to create a mystery surrounding his death. Hyde Park proved to be the ultimate location as it has a lake within it, which provided a great opportunity to where Talbot’s “deceased” body would be found, whilst not visually showing the body, creating the mystery that surrounds the later series within the script.

Heathrow Terminal 4

After writing my first draft of my script, I decided to elaborate on the attention to detail of locations highlighted in my script. I researched a variety of locations however, due to the background around the life of my main character Emma, living in Acton. I decided to research Heathrow in order to create a realistic world within my script.


Within my research I decided to incorporate the coach station in Heathrow Terminal 4.

Lore/Universe of the script

I am currently within the final edits of my script.

The original scripts Lore revolved around the idea of time travel within dreams. I chose this as a means of covering the elements of time travel without using it as a device to tell the narrative, but rather to tell a plot using time travel as a device created by the characters. It is here, that I used the original idea of the universe to cover the themes of Brexit, racism and war crisis within my script, without replicating the events as they happen in real life. This was a conscious decision as the script could enforce a parallel “what if” scenario within my script, whilst also deviating from the real world issues into a fantasy world – the post apocalyptic in order to address these issues with character motivations at the heart.

As progression and research continued on my script, I decided that the best course of action would be to add background of a conspiracy, The Order, to convey the character desires, in order to create conflict.

In my final draft, I decided to stick with the original ideas of time travel within dreams. But elaborated on the fact that it would be worked upon in the future of the series (the script being a pilot) which would lead to the revelation of Emma Truman and co building the “dream machine” in order to communicate with people in the past, to save themselves from a post apocalyptic fate.

The universe of Distopia is centered around a parallel world to our own, where the ideas of fate are challenged in a world full of infinite possibilities.

One of the final changes I made to the lore was the idea of a “catalyst” who can retain the events of each individual timeline. I decided that the character who becomes the catalyst is Oroitz, due to being born throughout the changes of the current timeline to the parallel timeline. However, this is not touched upon in my script.

The Time Periods

Following the finishing of my script, I feel it is appropriate to talk about the time periods tackled within my script.

Present day – A world held in conflict, due to the events of Brexit and war crisis. Follows the journey of Emma Truman, in order to find the truth of the death of her boyfriend Talbot.

Post apocalypse – Set in 2032, 15years in the future of the present day. A future Emma and son, Oroitz, communicate with Emma in the present day in order to prevent the events that lead to the nuclear war of WW3.