Emma Truman- English, Female, 29. She is a journalist, in a relationship with Talbot Darnell. She is an honest person, this helps her form/keep healthy relationships/friendships. However, due to her honesty Emma often finds her job problematic despite her skill set. Is an optimistic character who always sees the best in people, which often leads her into trouble (writing negative stories).
Pros: Smart, Observant, Empathetic, kind.
Cons: Impulsive, arrogant, naive.

Oroitz “Darnell” Truman- Mixed (English,African), Male, 18. He is the son of Emma and Talbot. His occupation is unknown. He will do anything he can to make sure the best possible outcome can always be achieved. Oroitz sees the world he lives in as a burden, that is in a constant state of flux.
Pros: Smart, Observant, Can solve problems, persistent.
Cons: Impulsive, Aggressive, Deceitful.

Nigel Pele- English, 70, Temp Prime Minister. Pele is bad with relationships, a nasty character who has no regard for anyone but himself. Pele only became Prime Minister after the previous PM resigned.
Pros: Rich.
Cons: Trigger Happy, Racist, Misogynistic, Naive, Selfish, Incompetent.

Talbot Darnell- Mixed (African, American). Darnell is boyfriend to Emma Truman. He always wants to do what is best for Emma and has a loyal personality. Despite this, Darnell also has a tendency to be deceitful about his true occupation. In order to keep his loved ones safe Talbot tells everyone he is a businessman. His true occupation is Anonymous.
Pros: Observant, Persistent, Knowledgeable, Can solve problems.
Cons: Deceitful, Has poor writing/communication skills.