In terms of story for my script, this is the initial plot for my current story:

July, 2016. Where threats of Brexit, Cultural relations and nuclear warfare are at a prime high. Journalist, Emma Truman is sent to Syria to report the atrocities that follow the attacks in Syria. After reporting a couple of weeks in Syria, Emma returns to London, only to discover her boyfriend, Talbot Darnell has been killed. Following what seems to be, a police/government conspiracy Emma discovers the truth of Talbot’s occupation and decides to pay a visit to his works. Here Emma learns the truth of her “visions” and a post-apocalyptic time (near/immediate future) are running parallel.

Coming to grips with this threat of WW3, it is up to Emma to use her gift to find and put an end to the corruption, in order to save the world, from humanities inevitable destruction.