Here is some more background research for my script:

A US-led air attack in eastern Syria that killed dozens of government troops fighting so-called Islamic State has endangered an already shaky ceasefire deal, Russia says.

Russia says at least 62 Syrian troops were killed in the Deir al-Zour strikes on Saturday.

The US has expressed “regret” for the “unintentional loss of life”.

Syria says it has lost a warplane in the area, which so-called Islamic State (IS) said it had shot down.

The BBC’s Lina Sinjab, reporting from Beirut, says it is rare for the Syrian government to acknowledge losses caused by IS, and the announcement may be intended to draw attention to the consequences of the US-led air strike.

A Syrian army source said the attack had allowed IS to gain ground in the area around the Syrian airbase, but that Syrian forces had regained most positions on the hilltop nearby with the help of Syrian and Russian air support.

The attack put “a very big question mark” over the truce’s future, said Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin. Published 20th September 2016

IS attack claims in Syria.

IS launches counter attack in Manbij

The Islamic State group launched a counter-attack against fighters trying to capture the Syrian city of Manbij on Monday, inflicting heavy casualties on the U.S.-backed forces, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the militants said.

The monitor said the militants won back three villages south of the besieged city in a surprise assault against fighters from the U.S.-backed Syria Democratic Forces. At least 28 SDF fighters were killed.