In terms of my story I will set the tone of the show, by introducing some of the themes such as death, destruction, straight off the bat. I have decided to take this approach to writing my script as I feel it sets the tone and introduces/focuses on the main character whilst still exploring many elements of my narrative. It will also set the time in which my script takes place.

US airstrikes on a Syrian village have killed at least 73 civilians, a majority of them women and children, activists say, in the deadliest coalition attack on non-combatants since the start of the bombing campaign against the Islamic State.

The bombing was part of a two-month push to seize the town of Manbij, a strategic centre, key to any future advance on Islamic State’s de facto capital, Raqqa. Activists had warned of high civilian casualty rates from airstrikes in Manbij even before the latest airstrike.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, activists described coalition aircraft hitting a cluster of houses in the village of Tokkhar, where nearly 200 people had gathered to seek shelter as the frontline shifted towards their homes. Most of those inside were killed or injured.

“The death toll is 117. We could document [the identity of] 73 civilians including 35 children and 20 women. The rest of the dead bodies are charred, or have been reduced to shreds,” said Adnan al-Housen, an activist from Manbij.

He said around 50 injured survivors were rushed for treatment to the border town of Jarablus, where they provided details about the attack.